Contribution to Courses / Online Learning Platforms


Lecturing/ Workshops

  • Fritz, J. (26th November 2019). Psychological Network Models: Everything Is Connected … or Not? Held at the Cambridge Methods Day, MRC CBU, Cambridge, UK. Slides available at: https://osf.io/dxwft/; video available at: Methods day 2019 @MRCCBU.
  • Fritz, J., & Lunansky, G. (24th September 2019). Resilience Pre-Conference Workshop: An Introduction to Network Modelling. Held at the Pre-symposium Workshop for Methods in Resilience Research of the 5th International Symposium on Resilience Research, Mainz, Germany. Slides available at: https://osf.io/dqmpu/



  • Supervision of Pascal Schlechter’s Mphil Dissertation in Medical Sciences (2018-2019), University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry, grading = passed with minor corrections, output = one manuscript in submission (availabe at: https://osf.io/zf8r9/) and one in preparation